How to Heal Hurts Because of Love


Broken heart – is a condition in which a person experiences pain and tightness which is very unusual due to a relationship that has been built with seriousness and love ran aground in the middle of the road for reasons and unclear status.

It can also be likened to dependence on someone who is not certain to be ours and hopes too much so that when the person goes away we feel painful inner wounds. Surely all the people who are serious in love are eager for the relationship to be carried out to be brought to the aisle or a more serious level. But what will happen if it does not materialize and instead runs aground in the middle of the road, causing heartache?.

If you have experienced a broken heart, it will certainly be very difficult to cure, a journey that torments the heart and in more severe cases can cause suicide. You will continue to be carried away by the atmosphere of heartbreak so that you forget your life (both career and study) that you live.

Caught in a broken heart, of course you would prefer to commit suicide compared to feeling very heartache because of losing the person you love the most. Curing a broken heart is a torturous journey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You can move on with Daftar Taruhan Basket Bank Sinar Mas life and forget about a broken heart if you can accept what happened. The point is that everything is up to and in accordance with our will.

How to deal with sadness because of a broken heart

The following tips and ways to deal with sadness due to extreme heartache, including.

Receive what has happened

Accept the fact that you have been hurt and feel sad. What you feel is normal emotion and you must accept that it did happen. Don’t lie to other people and yourself by saying “I’m fine” even though it’s not. Maybe you can press it for a while, but there must be something that will awaken it again, and you will feel worse because you have been dishonest with yourself.

Cry and release your sadness

Crying is a healthy way to express deep feelings, so if you want to cry, cry. Find a place for yourself or with friends, and spill your tears. Crying will finish faster than you think, and you will feel a little better after removing it.

But there are times when you have to control your tears for example like in a public place. It is highly recommended that you cry and release all the anxiety and anxiety in your heart that is the best and most effective way to get rid of the pain.

Get busy with new activities

As much as possible to concern yourself with new things or activities. That is the best way for you to try to vent your sadness because of a very broken heart, think about positive things and do what can make you satisfied. Like busy with your hobby or pleasing your heart.

Or you can also concern yourself with talking to someone, thinking that you are not alone in this world. Look for friends or friends that you can trust and overflow your sadness by talking to someone so your heart will feel more relieved after releasing a suffocating feeling.

Avoid Depression

Heartache will surely lead to the name of severe depression and eventually control us into negative things like drunkenness, smoking, self-injury, and sometimes suicide. When you are depressed, there is nothing you can think of. you will feel empty and you cannot know what you have to do. It is strongly recommended that you avoid this because it will have a bad impact on you. If it doesn’t work and you are forced to get stuck then you can consult with a mental specialist.

Be patient and start a new life

Be patient and take lessons from this broken relationship, think about the positive side where maybe with this he will be happier or maybe you are not the best for him and maybe he has found someone who is more than you. And if you can think like that then join or blend in with the new environment.

It can’t be too fast, but after a while enjoying your own time, then let it go and start to re-mingle with your new environment. Pay attention not to let you focus on the wrong path. so that consciously or not you will slowly forget your sadness. Also try not to close yourself.

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